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Nightmare at Horror Castle ein Film von Ben Samuels mit Robert Englund, Diane Cary. Inhaltsangabe: Eine Gruppe von Schauspielern. boostyourbust.co - Kaufen Sie Nightmare at Horror Castle günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu​. Nightmare At Horror Castle. (1)1h 20min Thriller für mutige Anfänger: Der ehemalige Horrorfilmstar John (Freddy Krueger Darsteller Robert Englund). Eine Schauspiel-Gruppe zieht sich in Nightmare at Horror Castle auf ein entlegenes Schloss zurück, um ein Theaterstück zu üben. Trailer zu Nightmare at Horror Castle von Ben Samuels. Mit Robert Englund, Diane Cary. Hier Video abspielen.

Horror Castle

Norimberga / Back to the Killer/The Castle of Terror / Horror Castle / Terror Castle / The Virgin of Nuremberg) Anthony M. Dawson (= Antonio Margheriti) Mit Le Manoir du Diable (The Haunted Castle) kam der erste Horrorfilm der Welt zur Aufführung. Nach zwei Minuten allerdings war der Teufelsspuk aus. Trailer zu Nightmare at Horror Castle von Ben Samuels. Mit Robert Englund, Diane Cary. Hier Video abspielen.

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Horror Castle Martin Hartog Hanne Wieder User Reviews. Deine Bewertung. Demonic - Haus des Horrors. Https://boostyourbust.co/casino-bet-online/beste-spielothek-in-urbar-finden.php streamen:.

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Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Unrated 1h 24min Horror 15 August Italy.

Director: Antonio Margheriti as Anthony Dawson. Added to Watchlist. Related News Kill, Baby…Kill!

Gothic Italian Horror s s. Italian Gothic Horror Movies ' Share this Rating Title: Horror Castle 5.

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Dracula: Prince of Darkness Dracula is resurrected, preying on four unsuspecting visitors to his castle. Edit Storyline Women are being tortured to death with various torture devices in the dungeon of an old castle by a deformed, hooded, holocaust survivor.

Taglines: Women's Virtues Made him a Killer! Genres: Horror. Edit Did You Know? Goofs When Erich and Mary have their first conversation alone while Erich is organizing his knives, a hair can be seen at the top of the screen for several minutes.

Alternate Versions In the first German release all reference to the Nazi background like the cutback to the operation have been cut.

Norimberga / Back to the Killer/The Castle of Terror / Horror Castle / Terror Castle / The Virgin of Nuremberg) Anthony M. Dawson (= Antonio Margheriti) The ghosts of thieves help a beautiful young countess save her inherited castle from modern developers in this comic horror/musical. Director: Kurt Hoffmann. Mit Le Manoir du Diable (The Haunted Castle) kam der erste Horrorfilm der Welt zur Aufführung. Nach zwei Minuten allerdings war der Teufelsspuk aus. Many translated example sentences containing "haunted castle" – German-​English dictionary and search engine for German translations. The killer on the loose who can also be considered a monster, given his hideous link. There are creepy crawly spiders and bloodied meat cleavers, freaky skulls and dilapidated just click for source, gory eyeballs and claustrophobic coffins. Despite having a majorly cool Ladyeveline across his face, his role is, at best, secondary. Goofs When Erich and Mary have their first conversation alone while Erich is organizing his knives, a hair can be seen at the top of the screen for several minutes. Play For Real. Horror Castle taps into our innate fascination with all things spooky by presenting a set of 5 reels that are read article with all sorts of gruesome characters and iconic symbols of the Horror Castle. In reality, this WorldMatch software slot machine might not give you any worrying nightmares due visit web page its slightly novelty approach to the horror genre. Great movie music supports the mood or spirit of the action on the screen. Horror Castle

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Neil Samuels. Betsafe App Charlotte von Sandau Heinz Baumann Harbinger Down. Diane Cary. The Haunted Castle Listen mit Nightmare at Horror Castle. The story is about the read article of the robbers from "Wirtshaus I'm Spessart" and how Horror Castle redeem themselves. Schaue jetzt Nightmare at Horror Castle. The castle is encumbered read more debt, most of the inventory is pledged. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Originaltitel Kantemir. Paranormal Haunting at Silver Falls. Jeff Rosick. Als dieser nun Zeuge an dem Mord von einem seiner Kollegen wird, nehmen ihm die anderen die Geschichte nicht ab und beginnen immer mehr an seinem Geisteszustand zu zweifeln, als dieser felsenfest auf dem Erlebten beharrt.

Horror Castle - Inhaltsangabe & Details

Deine Bewertung. Inkubus - Stell dich deinem Dämon! So they decide to search for the Castle of the Comte, they blackmailed in the first Movie and who resided over the Woods they were thieving in. Plot Keywords. Produktionsland USA. Full Cast and Crew. Das Baumhaus - Betreten verboten!

There are a couple of other impressive torture methods featuring in this film, like the sequence involving an icky cage and a hungry rat!

Very, very creepy! If you like classic horror Based on a novel by Frank Bogart this film has several titles including 'Horror Castle' which is the one I viewed.

It seems people either love or hate this film. In a castle by the Rhine a hooded killer is killing people, mainly women.

Is it Max Hunter, the owner of the castle? Is it the scarred Erich, his assistant? Is it the frozen faced Martha, the housekeeper?

Is it Fred the butler? Or is it? Sounds interesting but I found it rather tedious. The plot and the actions of the characters don't make any sense.

Most of the film seems to be Max's wife Mary wandering around the castle in a silky dressing gown being frightened.

Only at the hour mark does she get dressed. Rossana Podesta as Mary Hunter is very picturesque roaming about in her silky dressing gown but it does pall after a while.

Christopher Lee as Erich doesn't have much to do. The rest of the cast are bland. The Riz Ortolani score is amusingly over the top.

On the positive side the film does look good and the sets are atmospheric. Being a dubbed version some of the credits are Anglicised.

But when he is credited with special effects Antonio Margheriti now becomes Anthony Matthews! Not a classic as other people see it but then that's only my opinion.

Going by some of the other reviews, I kind of wonder if I was watching the same movie. To avoid a lot of obvious dubbing of dialogue, many of the actors speak either by facing away from the camera or by barely moving their lips.

It didn't make all that much sense that Christopher Lee's character knew the identity of person going around killing others - which, I guess was supposed to be OK because the killer was part of the plot to assassinate Hitler.

This little subplot allowed for the use of Nazi newsreel footage and to explain why the guy has had the flesh removed from his head - which amazingly, seemed to make the facial muscles larger than they should be.

Considering the time this film was made and meant to be dubbed in multiple languages, I guess this "special effect" was pretty good.

Much of the film seems to be shot to lengthen the running time of the movie - at least it doesn't seem to have much purpose otherwise.

There's only so much one can take of a woman in a nightgown and robe walking around the castle's corridors. MartinHafer 1 February Other than the pending apocalypse, the only other way I can imagine anyone giving this movie a score of 10 would be if they were joking--yet, strangely, this bad Italian horror film managed to receive several 10s!

Be afraid An American lady who doesn't look or sound the least bit American marries a German man and moves into his castle near the Rhine.

However, soon after arriving, she hears screaming and wanders into a torture museum in the castle and finds a dead woman crushed inside an iron maiden.

Yep, you faint which she also does later in the movie when the chips are down again! When she awakens, her husband and the servants try very hard to convince her it was all a bad dream but she isn't THAT stupid and so she spends much of the movie blindly investigating what is happening.

So, you see someone horribly murdered and you stick around and investigate--even after being attacked by a hooded maniac!?!?

Can anyone be that addle-brained?!?! Despite this murder and a lot more mayhem to come, the household does its best to cover up what is really happening.

Again, this made no sense and was just dumb. Even worse, after the maniac is eventually cornered and is about to die, his servant Christopher Lee runs after him into the burning castle to die as well.

Despite having a majorly cool scar across his face, his role is, at best, secondary. Plus, although the dubbing of his voice is close, that is NOT Lee's voice.

Now I understand that this was originally an Italian language production but why they didn't have Lee use his own deep and melodious voice is beyond me.

Also, if you are brave enough to see this mess of a film, listen to the sound track. It might just be the worst sound track I have ever heard from a film.

It's bad So what is GOOD?! Well, the mood is excellent and very spooky. This does work well. Overall, unless you are a rabid fan of Lee or you like really bad Italian horror films, then this one is very, very skip-able.

Watch at your own risk and DON'T be fooled by maniacs who score this a 10!! BloodStone 5 April Did this film ever suck!!

The title of the film is based on an iron maiden type torture device which gouges out the eyes of it's victims via two large spike at eye level.

However, the device isn't really used but only once through out the entire film for a grand total of one gruesome death almosts don't count here.

And all this "atmosphere" previous reviewers are raving about is over-hyped. Believe me there are literally dozens of good horror films with better "atmospheres".

And to add insult to injury, the great Christopher Lee was under used. I was expecting a almost sleazy, torture-filled, damn near exploitation horror flick.

Instead I get something so bland horror wise, it could almost be shown to a group of elementary school children probably put them to sleep.

The jazz score does not work in this horror flick sbenton45 1 November Though I am fond of listening to jazz, I found the jazz score for this movie too intrusive and distracting.

The problem manifested itself early in the movie when, during a break in the action, a very nice jazz melody rang out that, unfortunately, seemed to be totally inappropriate to the setting and mood being created by the visuals.

Great movie music supports the mood or spirit of the action on the screen. It should not take over. There are exceptions, or course, such as the music from "O Brother, Where Art Thou" which essentially plays a lead role in that film.

In my opinion, the film would benefit greatly from a re-score, or at least the provision of an alternate score. Has anyone tried this kind of thing before?

It would be well suited to the DVD format. GathofBaal 7 September I don't usually buy movies I haven't seen, but it had Christopher Lee in it, so I took the chance.

I wasn't disappointed. The atmosphere is cool, lightning, fog, dimly lit castle, you get the idea. Christopher Lee is great as always, and there is some decent gore.

Worth renting. When a style of a certain theme of a certain type of story works, you don't mess it, no matter what time in history your story takes place in.

I suppose that this is Germany, yet there is still members of the nobility living as if they were back in or before.

Who this creature is doesn't come to be a shock at the end, and the reasons behind is torturing are indeed questionable as motives when it asks the audience for sympathy.

But it's fun to watch the story play out even in the dubbed English version from the original Italian, and there are some moments that are genuinely scary.

There's also a Mrs. Danvers like housekeeper who doesn't really add much to the story outside her external sternness. Another terrifying scene shows a woman inside an iron maiden and another woman being made dinner for a hungry rat inside a cage put over her head.

The music is intense and the photography claustrophobic, but that adds to the moodiness of the story. You have to take the revelations at the end with a grain of salt, and especially the obvious inclusion of fire which was a must in Gothic tales like this.

Pretty good mid 60's Italian-made, English-dubbed horror film. A new bride is terrorized by a mysterious hooded individual at her husband's ancestral castle in West Germany.

It doesn't help that she sees tortured dead women, there is a torture chamber museum with a scarred curator, the stone-faced housekeeper makes sinister references, the young female servants disappear, her husband acts mysteriously, and EVERYONE tells her it's all in her imagination.

The hooded torturer is truly creepy and scary when unmasked. The title refers to an ancient torture device. Though the story is based in Germany, the locations were clearly filmed in southern Italy.

Beautiful gardens. I don't know if the castle is real or just a set, it certainly is realistic. The film has been re-mastered and the color is vividly rich.

I personally like the jazzy score. Highly recommended. Bezenby 15 April Mary moves from America to Germany to live in a castle with her husband Max, but on her first night there discovers her husband gone and in the medieval museum that occupies the first floor she discovers an Iron Lady containing a chick with her eyeballs poked out.

Thus begins another mystery film set in a Gothic location. Mary's all suspicious about her husband, and the museum attendant, played by a battle scarred Christopher Lee, and also the housekeeper.

In fact Mary doesn't trust anyone at all, which is just as well as things get rather strange rather quickly in this house.

Luckily this is the kind of house that benefits from meddling as there are about a million secret rooms and catacombs to be explored.

You see there's an exhibit about the Punisher, some relative of Max that used to torture and kill women for some reason.

Is this guy back, as some characters seem to think? Or is Mary just being a muppet and imagining it all? You'll have to watch the film to see.

Full of many twists and a bit of gore including a girl who's had her nose chewed off by a rat! I never guessed the culprit at all so credit to the film for that, and the crazy make up effects.

EdgarST 14 April Made four years before J. Lee Thompson's "Eye of the Devil" produced by the British branch of MGM and also taken from a literary source, "La vergine de Norimberga" has a similar story about a wife who decides to investigate the dark side of her husband's affairs while visiting the man's castle in an European village, and both are in the end realistic stories with a sinister facade.

While the tale of the British movie is rooted on frightening manifestations of folklore and tradition in France, this one has a political secret behind the mystery and the horror in Germany.

Both women are brave characters and not precisely screaming queens, and although there are some screams here and there, they are moved by undaunted curiosity, decidedly firm in their quest to find the truth.

See it. Trying to overcome the fear, especially after an encounter with a strange man she can't identify, she begins to suspect that the servant Erich, Christopher Lee is the cause, despite assurances he's safe.

As he tends to business nearby, she is soon enthralled with the legend of the castle's past owner, and decides to investigate the story.

Shortly thereafter, she begins to see a strange figure running around the castle's grounds, but can't seem to figure out their purpose or who it is.

Using her own suspicions as well as whatever evidence she can muster from the investigations, she eventually discovers the truth about the figure and tries to stop it.

The Good News: This here is one of the best examples of the genre. One of the main things this gets right is the incredible suspense and on display.

The opening is a fantastic example, with the flowing gown-clad woman following the agonized cries of a woman coming from somewhere within the castle leads her to discovers blood flowing into the collection bowl beneath the Virgin of Nuremberg, a fabled iron maiden torture chamber that is now a museum.

Opening the spiked door, Mary is horrified to see the body of a freshly dead woman inside, the corpse's eyes have been gouged out, leaving ragged, bloody sockets.

It's a fantastic scene, with the endless wandering through an enormous house during a raging thunderstorm, using only a candle for light until they stumble upon a rather shocking and horrific scene.

This is really eerie, from the glimpses shown strewn around the house of various torture devices, some with the skeleton remains of victims still there all the way to the creepy and intense reaction to the eyeless corpse hidden in the statue.

That goes hand-in-hand with the great sets in here, as every corner and crevice is filled with inky black shadows, pierced only by the glow of a flickering torch or flash of lightning.

Thus the look of the film never approaches the surreal, instead remaining much more grounded in realism. This one handily avoids the pitfalls of others out there in the genre and makes marvelous use of the huge, sprawling castle set.

Even the outside scenes have a nice feeling to them, as the spaciousness of the castle grounds mix well with the giant castle looming in the background.

The later scenes in the crypt look cool, and a very tense stalking scene in the darkness is masterfully played out. The film also has a couple of really great shock gore scenes that are a lot more graphic than most others of the time.

These are the discovery of a victim, her head covered with a cage inhabited by a very hungry rat which has gnawed away at her face, the initial discovery of the first victim and finally the killer himself unmasked, his face nothing more than a skull covered with the faintest suggestion of skin.

These images are really quite out there for the time and make for some great moments. The sequences at the end with the torturer are just as good, being a little creepy with some graphic brutality stakes placed into the film to give it a little extra punch to what's going on.

These here are what really make the film enjoyable. The Bad News: There isn't a whole lot here that doesn't work. The fact that this one doesn't exactly have the best paced story is something to get over, as there's a couple of instances where the film doesn't really do much but consist of endless wandering around the castle grounds, and at times that's a little too much to take.

It does have a creepy feel, but then there's points where it doesn't do anything other than to wish for a faster moving pace.

There's also the needless insertion of a couple scenes where two doctors are apparently talking about what's going on, but their inclusion nor the object of their discussion is never given.

At times, it feels like it's there to simply speed up the run-time, and otherwise have no need to do it. These here provide the film's only real flaws.

The Final Verdict: A fantastic Italian Gothic entry that has a lot going for it, this one is a really watchable film that will have a good feel to it.

Mary discovers that in the German castle of her husband someone has put into operation the machines of torture of the museum.

Many sources state that Ernesto Gastaldi was credited as Gastad Green, but he has denied contributing to the film's writing, stating he may have discussed plot elements with Margheriti, but did no actual writing.

The Virgin of Nuremberg received poor reviews on its release in the United States. Technical credits are quite good, but the story premise was handled ineptly.

In a retrospective review, Danny Shipka, author of Perverse Titillation: The Exploitation Cinema of Italy, Spain and France, waiting through the films to find the identity of the red-hooded figure "is worth it, especially if you like cold violence, as Margheriti pushes the limits with his tortures" [9].

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Horror Castle. Antonio Margheriti Edmond T.

Atlantica Cinematografica [1]. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. December Monthly Film Bulletin.

London: British Film Institute. January 1, There are no page numbers in this book. This entry is found under the header "April 21, ".

Curti, Roberto Italian Gothic Horror Films,

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